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Top Skincare Tips for Adult Acne

What to do when you have both acne and wrinkles? Here, pro tips on how best to fight pimples and the telltale signs of aging.

You got through your high school and college years relatively unscathed by acne, but just when you thought a clear complexion was yours for the taking, there appears an angry red pimple on your face. Oh, the joys of adult acne! With breakouts more commonly occurring on men and women in their 20s, 30s and 40s, adult acne is most certainly a thing. The tricky part is not knowing exactly how to treat acne at a time when you’re no longer wearing backpacks and cramming for finals. Read on for the top 5 ways to treat adult acne at home.

    1. Adult Acne Treatment Tip: Use a Gentle Cleanser It’s easy to assume that if you have, your skin should be washed with an abrasive cleanser that will rid of any semblance of oil on the skin. While yes, extra sebum production can be to blame for acne breakouts, over-washing the skin is not the answer. If you strip the skin of too much oil, it will only overcompensate and produce more oil. See why this is not a good thing? Dermatologists recommend using a cleanser that’s a bit gentler on the skin in the battle of adult acne. Dr. Jeremy Fenton from Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City says: “I recommend the new Refresh Foaming Face Wash, which is a very gentle cleanser that removes makeup, debris and dirt, but will not strip the skin of its natural oils.  For those with oilier skin and acne breakouts, I recommend the Clarify Botanical Clarifying Cleanser, which also contains acne-fighting sulfur.

      2. Adult Acne Treatment Tip: Get Rid of Acne Scars Along with adult acne comes…acne scars. Long after a breakout fades, you can still see the residual effects of those spots in the form of red marks. In clinical terms, they’re called post-inflammatory pigmentation, which is a fancy way of saying redness after pimples. If you don’t treat the post-acne marks quickly, they’re much more likely to take up permanent residence on your skin. Using a product with Vitamin C and will help lighten marks at home. The best way to produce noticeable results quickly is with a chemical peel at the dermatologist’s office.

        3. Adult Acne Tip: Exfoliate Like You Mean it Clearing out the pores is the best way to an acne-free complexion. But sloughing off dead skin cells doesn’t require getting rough on your skin either. A gentle daily exfoliation with a sophisticated pad containing a medley of pore-cleaning hydroxy acids is the best way to go. Try Dr. Schweiger Skin Solutions Refine Complexion Clearing Pads, which contains a unique blend of salicylic acid, glycolic acid and mandelic acid, all of which are excellent at accelerating cell turnover as well as softening the appearance of fine lines and improving the skin’s texture.

          4. Adult Acne Tip: Don’t Stress! Numerous studies have shown that stress is not only bad for your mood, but it also takes a toll on your skin. When you stress, the hormone cortisol rises in your body and leads to inflammation which in turn can lead to signs of aging and acne. We all lead extremely busy and—oftentimes—stressful lives. There are so many ways to reduce stress in your life that you’re bound to find the right stress-reducing activity to fit your personality. From taking regular walks to yoga sessions or 15 minutes of quiet meditation, de-stressing techniques can actually be fun. Scheduling time with a friend or just reading a book are other ways to practice stress relief.

            5. Adult Acne Tip: Use a Spot Treatment Adult acne can crop up in the form of a few random pimples rather than a full-on breakout. If your skin is seemingly fine in most areas but just showing a few zingers, use a spot treatment to target the blemishes rather than apply anti-acne treatments to the entire face. Try Dr. Schweiger Skin Solutions Vanish Spot Treatment, a clear formula made up of a potent acne-fighting blend of ingredients. It can go on over and under makeup undetected.



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