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Introducing Dr. Schweiger Skin Solutions

The groundbreaking new adult acne treatment line from celebrity dermatologist and Schweiger Dermatology Group founder Dr. Eric Schweiger is now available

The making of a new adult acne treatment

Dr. Eric Schweiger, founder of Schweiger Dermatology Group, sees thousands of patients every year that seek him out for treatment of adult acne. These patients didn’t want to buy the same harsh cleansers and acne treatments they used in their teens. As an adult, your skin has different needs then it did 10 or 20 years ago and should not be treated the same. Mature skin requires a gentle touch, yet still needs active ingredients that work.

Skincare that fights wrinkles and acne!

Many adult acne sufferers are also looking for skincare that can help fight the signs of aging, too. Dr. Schweiger realized there was an unmet need in the at-home acne treatment market and decided to formulate a new line of adult acne skincare products that would target both acne and anti-aging using effective clinical strength ingredients.

The top adult acne-fighting skincare ingredients

Nearly two years in the making, the Dr. Schweiger Skin Solutions line was started from the ground with Dr. Schweiger himself handpicking the formulas for each product, focusing on ingredients with high impact and weeding out anything considered non-beneficial, such as acetone or alcohol. He created proprietary formulas containing organic and higher quality adult acne-fighting ingredient medleys typically seen in anti-aging products. Dr. Schweiger Skin Solutions is the first product line to strike the perfect balance between an effective solution for both anti-aging and acne. Adult acne sufferers will no longer have to make any compromises in their skincare choices.

Refresh Foaming Face Wash, $35

Gently yet deeply removes dirt, oil, makeup and residual bacteria to prep skin for deeper penetration of complexion clearing ingredients. Contains Aloe and Cucumber to soothe the skin.


Refine Complexion Clearing Pads (2/2% Gly Sal Pads/2% Mandelic), $55

A balanced combination of exfoliating ingredients to clear the complexion and slough away pore-clogging debris from the skin. Contains Mandelic acid, which helps improve post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.


Reform Acne Fighting Cream (5% Micro Benzoyl Peroxide), $35

Made with finely milled benzoyl peroxide, this lightweight serum penetrates pores to kill the acne bacteria where it lives. The micronized Benzoyl peroxide sinks into pores while aloe helps soothe skin and prevent irritation.


Replenish Complexion Perfecting Cream, $42

An ultra-hydrating moisturizer that helps create smooth, soft and clear skin. Contains a sophisticated blend of Grape Seed Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, Tea Tree Oil, and Thyme.


Vanished Spot Treatment, $15

A clear, potent acne spot treatment that clears blemishes in record time. The cocktail of salicylic, Glycolic, Zinc Sulfate, Witch hazel, and Camphor work in tandem to zap spots.


Clarify Botanical Clarifying Cleanser, $35

An elegant gel-like cleanser with a naturally refreshing scent. Contains Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil, Sulfur to effectively treat acne-prone skin in the most luxurious manner possible.



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